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Vicky’s Story : My Banting Journey

I saw Vicky’s amazing before and after pictures on Facebook and asked her if she would do a story about her banting experience with us! In just 3 month in she’s halfway to her goal weight!


My eye-opening moment came after seeing our year-end function photos in November 2014. This was truly my turnaround point! I had heard about Tim Noakes Banting diet and slowly started off by joining all the Banting groups to educate and prepare myself.

I finally started my journey in mid-January 2015 weighing in at 96 kg. I set myself a goal of losing 31 kg to reach my target of 65 kg. Amazingly I lost 6 kg within my first week. The following week the “carb flu/ keto flue” kicked in and lasted three weeks! I suffered terrible headaches, nausea, dizziness and generally was feeling run-down, tired and weak. On top of that I got a mild kidney infection in Week 4. Fortunately after Week 5 all symptoms subsided and I had lost 8 kg.




Week 6. I read about the benefits of intermittent fasting and decided to give it a go since I had only lost two more kilograms in five weeks. From then, every Saturday I fasted 24 hours – I would have my breakfast at 9 am and then only eat again on Sunday 9 am. Unbelievably I lost one kilogram that week and since have continued, losing a kilogram each week.

I have been banting now for three months and have lost a total of 16 kg. I currently weigh 80 kg.



So what’s my secret everyone asks?

I follow the rules as per the RMR book and keep it simple!!! I eat from the green list 97% of the time. Occasionally, with family, friends or work gatherings, I will have a small serving of what is offered.  If I cheat, I do so with food and not sweets. So far my weight loss is due to my eating habits only (no exercising), however, I will be joining the gym soon.

I don’t do all the baked goodies. I definitely do not: plan my meals, track everything I consume, use apps, count my portions, overdo it on the fat, or restrain myself. This is a lifestyle. I take it one day at a time – had I gone to the extreme I would not have made it this far.

My Blood pressure is normal/healthy 128/75 and before banting I was on medication for high blood pressure
My Cholesterol is a healthy 4.59 and before banting it was 7.2
My sugar is healthy 4.8

Thanks for inspiring us Vicky, all the best and we hope to see you at your goal soon, Keep us posted!!



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