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Top 10 Mistakes Low Carders/Banters make!

We are all human and we make mistakes. So heres a list of 10 mistakes all low carbers have made at least once. Start a mistake free low carb diet and you will be losing the weight in no time!

1. Eating too many Carbs
Eating too many carbs per day is the No.1 problem why most people struggle to lose weight on Low Carbing. Some believe that up to 100g carbs per day is eating low carb but that unfortunately is not the case. To get into Ketosis and stay there woman need to eat below 50g carbs and men 60g carbs per day. If you count your carb and do it right you will be losing weight within the first week! So if you find yourself stuck try keeping a food diary and count your carbs.

2. Scared to eat Fat
Our whole lives we were told eating fat makes you fat!So now that we need to eat fat we are terrified! Here’s the thing, Carbs = Energy, since we have eliminated carbs your body needs energy from somewhere else or it will starve so in this case Fat = Energy. If you don’t eat enough fats you will stop losing, get hungry, irritated and eventually fall off the low carb wagon. Having a big lump of butter in your steak or veg is the best thing you can do for yourself. Stick to Saturated Fat, monounsaturated and Omega-3.

3. Not reading the Labels
For some its an honest mistake but for most what they don’t know won’t hurt right? WRONG!! Read the labels before you use or buy food products you need to know what you’re putting in to understand what the outcome will be. And make sure the labels are Low Carb friendly and stay away from sugar, grains, fruit, starchy veg.

4. Eating the same meals over and over and…..
Meal planning is essential if you are serious about losing the weight and keeping it off. Planning and collecting recipes is important when you are low carbing. It will feel less like and diet and more like a way of life.

5. Not Exercising
You need exercise after and during your weight loss. Not only does it lower insulin resistance but it will help you keep the weight off after your weight loss as well as tighten loose skin and tone your body. You can follow an exercise routine at home but for the best results you should join the gym. It will also help you stay mentally strong and help you stay on your low carb diet!

6. Sneaky Cheats
So you’ve lost loads of weight and you are so happy so you decide to cheat a little here and there. Before you know it you are back to your old habits and you’re starting to pick up weight fast!! Keep track of your cheating and if you must keep it to 1 day a month. But remember that when you cheat you will no longer be in ketosis and it will take 1-2 weeks of Low Carb eating before you will be back on ketosis.

7. Not enough Sodium
Sodium is very important in a low carb diet. Low carbing lowers the insulin levels causing your kidneys to excrete excess Sodium. This can cause mild Sodium divisiancy. People who don’t replenish their sodium can suffer from lightheadedness, fatigue, headaches and even constipation. Make some broth and drink throughout the day to replenish your electrolytes. You can put a low carb stock cube in some hot water and enjoy.

8. Being Impatient
Low carbing is one of the fastest weight loss diets out there without having to starve yourself! If you stick to under 50g of carbs a day you will lose weight but you need to give it time! Firstly your body needs to get into ketosis before it will start burning fat. Ketosis can take 1-2 weeks depending on how strict you are eating from day 1. You will be suffering from ” Carb-Flu”, you’ll be cranky, irritated and craving carbs. Keep away from the bread and High carb sections in the supermarket during this time. You will be so proud of yourself when the weight starts dropping off!

9. Starting Unprepared, be S.M.A.R.T

You need to mentally and physically prepare yourself for low carbing. Starting off wrong will waste your time and make you feel it the diet doesn’t work. Firstly you should set a realistic goal. Decide how much weight you want to lose print it on a sheet of paper and stick it to the ridge, if you have pictures of your goal weight put those up where you can see them. It will help you mentally focus and stay on your goal. Take before pictures that you can compare yourself to a few months down the line. Its hard to see a difference on yourself but others will soon start noticing.

Remove all the high carb products from your food cupboards and fridge. Dont throw it away give it so someone who needs it instead. Keep all temptations far away, if you go out for dinner eliminate all High carb options instead remind yourself how good you are going to look and feel once you lose the weight.

Join a Low carb Facebook page where you can ask for advice and get the support you need from other Low Carbers this is my favourite page Banting 7 Day Meal Plan

10. Believing everything the Media tells you
There are 1000s of opinions on low carbing. Dont believe everything you read or hear. People who don’t understand low carbing bad mouth a diet that in their eyes are ” too good to be true “. But according to the media its ok to take diet pills because those really work! The truth is Low Carbing works but you need to do it commit to it 100% NO 50/50. Eating clean is the way to go.

Eat organic, not only is it better for the animals and farmed humanely but its not pumped full of chemicals. Contact local farmers near you and find out what they have to sell, fresh veg, meats and eggs.



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