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The truth behind your sudden weight gain while banting

This question comes up a lot especially with new banters, but the truth is it happens to all of us and there’s a few reasons why you might be gaining weight while Banting, and not all of them are bad so before you throw in the towel give this a read.

You’re eating way too much

When I first started banting I was extremely peckish in the beginning. I constantly felt like snacking on something sweet but it only took me a week to shake that feeling.

Snacking too often during the day can often result in eating way too many carbs without you even noticing. Sugar addiction is a big cause for this.

When you’re banting to lose weight it is extremely important that you stick to the green list.

Eating too much meat, dairy and nuts can cause you to gain weight. You need to make sure that your carb intake is under 50 g this will ensure a nice steady weight loss of about your 500 g per week, that’s 2 kg a month!

Cheating will cause you to gain back the water weight you lost your first week low-carb and takes only 24 hours. If you cheat too often this will also result in zero weight loss and can result in weight gain instead. Since you will no longer be in ketosis your body will result in you gaining water weight. It will take you a week to lose that water and get back into ketosis so be smart when you cheat.

Sweeteners can also result in gaining weight especially those who have a sweet tooth. Some sweeteners contain calories, now usually when low-carb thing calorie counting is not necessary but if you want to drop weight fast and get rid of those sweet habits my advice is to find a sweetener like Stevia that is 100% natural with the 0 calories, or use it as little as possible.


If you’re gaining weight while exercising it means that you were building muscle or that you’re not exercising correctly. If you’re building muscle you will be gaining weight extremely slowly. And you fatty bits will soon melt away into a leaner or more toned you! You can usually see results by using a tape measure to measure your thighs hips and chest area. Don’t count the amount of calories you burn while exercising this usually results in you snacking as a reward for exercising which results in you over eating… Cardio is usually the exercise everyone goes for but like the saying goes “too much of a good thing is a bad thing”. So switch out your exercises and do some weights, running, walking, swimming… Not all at once of course. On Sunny days i take my dog to the park and run and play with her, when you’re having fun time flies and i can easily spend and 1H30 running, hopping, skipping etc. Get active with your family! Join a Yoga class Its great for all ages! If you like to dance then Zumba is the thing for you! Just get out there and get active it’s good for your body and mind!

It’s that time of the month, clearly this only accounts for the ladies. Your Weight gain might start occurring about a week before your time comes on so don’t stress when this happens, it’s only water and it will all go away within the week after your period has ended. Keep eating like you normally do, if you experience cravings, strawberries and a banana really help me a lot! As we are all different you can expect different results,  you can gain between 1.5 kg – 3.5 kg water during this time.

Stress or depression can play a big role in gaining weight and for a lot of us that is why we are currently trying to lose weight. If you find yourself caught up in a stressful situation you might try to comfort yourself by eating unhealthy foods. I usually go for gummy sweets, crisp and ice cream. Make sure to get lots of rest during these times and try to stick to your healthy eating routine. If you find it hard to stick to your usual meals look at the orange and red list for things that my satisfy your cravings. “Cheating” from the list is better than eating stuff that you shouldn’t because once you start eating high amounts of carbs and sugar you will feel even worse. Talking to someone always helps, remember to tackle your situation head-on or talk to a family member or friend that you trust to help you deal with the stress or depression you’re experiencing. Feel free to contact me if you want! I will never judge you and I will happily listen to whatever it is you would like to get off your heart!




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