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The cheating train to weight gain

I’m sure it’s crossed your mind a few times “One little cheat, I’ll be back on again tomorrow”..but believe me once that train leaves the station it’s extremely hard to get off of it. You will eat everything in your path and it wont do you any good! You will lose control and you will find yourself angry and depressed…

Here’s what happened to me.

Summer started and the warm weather got me craving ice cream. Off i go on my usual route to buy fresh vegetables at the market. Next thing i know i turned into a horrible crazy craving spree since the stand was filled with delicious looking summer fruits and the hot sun on my skin made me think of the one thing i’m sooo addicted to… I started craving ice-cream and most of all the sugar! Knowing that there was Banting ice creams I can make and that i can eat most berries I made this stupid decision to climb aboard the Cheat train, planning to hop right off the next day and get back on the wagon.  But it didn’t stop there, after consuming a whole bunch of fruits and ice cream, I treated myself to some sushi for dinner and bought some snacks for the movie we were going to watch later that night. With a refrigerator full of fruit and a hungry hole in me that would not fill up I continued eating everything I craved for 4 weeks. As each day passed I told myself that I will be back on the wagon tomorrow but it never happened…

Angry upset with myself I decided to get on the scale and see the damage… 6 kg heavier including the 2 kg of water I lost during my first week Banting!! I was so disappointed in myself, I started this lifestyle to change my habits of overeating because of my depression and in just one month I threw away three months of hard work and dedication.

Even though this was a terrible experience and I had to start all over again, I learned a great deal from this. I wasn’t eating as normal. It wasn’t just fruit and a little bit of this a little bit of that…

  • For breakfast I would consume whatever! fruit, cereal, potato chips…
  • For snacks I would eat sweets and maybe some more fruits..
  • For lunch came around cookies, chocolate, burgers..
  • And for dinner sushi, steak and chips..
  • After dinner chips and sweets while watching Orange is the new Black…

I still continued making tea and coffee with full cream and using large amounts of butter and olive oil when I cook.
Continue eating like that for 4 weeks and you’ll easily gain 6kg. I was consuming way more food than my body needed and far from eating normally! If I had eaten a small breakfast or fruits and yogurt, followed by a nice salad for lunch followed by some protein and steamed vegetables for dinner I probably would not have gained the weight. The 2 kg of water at least but not 6 kg of fat!
I knowingly lied to myself, saying that I would be back on the wagon the next day implying that I should eat as much food as i can, that’s not Banting friendly, as a way of getting rid of the cravings… an even bigger lie.

Lesson learned There will be times when you crave things but it is extremely important that you stay in control. If you don’t you might end up with a bigger problem than when you started.

  1. Remove yourself from any and all situations when it comes to Temptation. Don’t think about the temptation do whatever you can to take your mind off it, the more you think about it the more you want it.
  2. Make sure that your friends and family are on board with your lifestyle change. Ask them to support you instead of encourage you by buying you chocolates, sweets and other goodies that Is not banting friendly. I know they think they mean well but it’s not good for you! If you get invited to dinner ask what will be served and if your host is not preparing something Banting friendly, which will most likely be the case, take your own food. You can kindly explain that you’re trying to lose some weight or/and want eat healthier. Make the Banting friendly version of whatever will be served that night if you don’t want to stand out.
  3. Never leave the house hungry always eat before you go out, or take a banting meal with you if you will be out long.

This experience has only made me stronger, and I’m pretty sure i won’t be doing that again anytime soon. If you’re thinking about cheating on your diet then buckle up and sit tight because it’s not an easy ride. I hope that my experience will help you make the right choice. Happy to say that I’m back on Banting, and i’ve not yet lost all the weight I gained but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I know that I have to be patient. I started working out at home to burn off what I gained as well as tone some muscles and skin especially around my flabby areas ;).

If you’ve had a bad cheating experience like mine tell me about it in the comments below, can’t wait to hear from you guys! Happy Banting!



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