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Susan’s story: Why she lost 52kg in just One Year

Our Banting inspiration this week is Susan, a mother of 4 who lost 52 kg in a Year and  YES she’s still going strong! Susan suffered 2 heart attacks and a stroke at a bodyweight of 140 kg. She was Extremely depressed after the loss of a loved one and doctors feared the worst. Taking it one step at a time Susan took control of her life again and hopped on the banting wagon, “banting not only saved my life,  but saved my marriage”. Here is Susan’s Story:


My name is Susan and I am 40 years old. I have been chubby my whole life…not the kind of chubby that borders on obesity,but the cute( I think) Betty Boop kind of chubby. Marrying the love of my life and having 4 beautiful children left me with a couple of kilos extra, but still comfortable and not too bad. I qualified as an electrician and even though I was more active, the extra income and the fact that I was working during the day,tempted me to buy takeaways about 5 times a week and when I did make dinner on the odd occasion,it basically consisted of anything that was quick, like russians and chips, burgers etc. In 2009, when my mom died in a car accident,I fell into a deep depression. I lost my job and this caused me and my family huge financial distress. Meals consisted mainly of carbs,because that was the cheapest at that stage. Meat was absolutely a luxury seen maybe once a week.


I was even admitted to Denmar psychiatric hospital because of severe depression. At that stage I had gained close to 40 kg. I was morbidly obese and very very unhappy. My happy marriage was going backwards very rapidly. My husband was not even allowed to hug or kiss me. I started to fall asleep on the couch every evening for the fear of him touching me and feeling all my fat and rolls. Things were very very bad.

I got sick very often and was in hospital ever 4 to 6 weeks for illnesses ranging from pneumonia(constantly), kidneys, blood pressure. I had 2 heart attacks and a stroke that left the left side of my body paralyzed for about 4 months. My doctor got very strict with me and told me that if I carry on gaining weight like this,changes were very good that I would not see my kids grow up. I was in absolute denial. According to me I was not that big. A photograph that was taken of me and a very dear friend(I thought all the time that we were basically the same size)and I was so shocked. I was 3 times her size!!! At that stage I was wearing a size 52 pants and I had to squeeze into it.

I saw keto groups on Facebook and started to gather info on the lifestyle. The info led me to Tim Noakes and Banting. I started Banting in January 2014 at 140kg. It went very difficult at first,me being addicted to bread and sweets, but I was determined. The first 2 weeks was hell!!! I was tired and hungry all the time,but the thought of that pink blob sitting next to my friend kept me going.
Suddenly I had boosts of energy and I felt great!! Where I normally wheezed when just walking to the kitchen,I now started walking around the block. The weight started to drop off and even the depression subsided. I worked out a light exercise program and started that every morning. Weeks turned into months and I was still going strong.


I could not believe it! After a year of Banting I am 52 kg down and I am feeling fantastic! I traded in my size 52 pants for a comfortable 40 and I am still going strong. My kids love the fact that I run and play with them and me and my husband go for long walks again. Hahaha, I have not fallen asleep on the couch for a very long time, so that is an added bonus.
These days I love it when my husband holds me and we are as happy as we were when we got married! I can even tie my own shoelaces again!!! These days I walk 5 km every morning and afternoon,I exercise in the morning and gym with my husband and friends every evening.

My husband converted my living room into a fully functional gym as my Christmas gift! How cool is that! Tim Noakes and Banting not only saved my life, but saved my marriage as well! I will never go back to my old lifestyle. I have not been this happy or healthy in years. I have been Banting for just over a year and in that whole time I have not been sick once! Not even a runny nose!!(Apart from the carb flu), my depression is a thing of the past, my thyroid, blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar is normal…I feel sooooo ready for the next 40 years! Losing 52kg has left me with lots of extra skin that I am having removed this year. That is going to be another heap of kilos gone!!! I can not wait,because my goal is to fit into a size 36 this year!!!!! Thank you so much Banting! I am a completely new person.


We Wish Susan many good things on her journey forward and thank her for being an inspiration to so many struggling to lose weight. 




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