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Susan Update – Gelatin works !!

Hey there all my wonderful Banting
Buddies!!!!! After much thought and deliberation,I decided to share this with you….it is not my intention to be graphic or disrespectful,but giving the fact that this is directed at fellow Banters,I am sure that you will understand……Losing 53 kg has sure had a lot of benefits for my health,body and self image,but there was a big negative side too…..losing so much weight left me with a huge amount of excess skin….and trying to get rid of it seemed impossible….I got lots of advice like exercise,which I was doing anyway and a little gelatin in my coffee in the
morning….this one I did not believe at first….I mean,it does sound a bit far fetched,doesn’t it? A few months ago I started using the gelatin…….if you know me,you will also now that I also like to pull the dam from under the duck,so to speak…..I used 1 tsp of gelatin in my coffee 3 times a day….after a month I upped it to 2 tsp in my coffee every time I have coffee,which is about 5 cups a day…. My husband started buying gelatin from baking shops by the kg,because I was flying through it…..I was getting so despondent,because I did not notice any difference…..I was getting so desperate,that I even considered giving up Banting and gaining back some weight so as to fill up the skin again….I went to see a plastic surgeon a few weeks ago and I knew I was never going to be able to scrape together the funds to have this skin removed…..not this year,anyway….. I had a tummy flap that reached all the way to my upper legs and I teased that I could wear a bikini top without a bottom and draw a line with permanent marker in the bum area and it would look as if I was wearing a g-string….but it was not funny anymore….why did I put in all this hard work,when I was going to look like this….. Last week I got out of the shower and decided to take a gooooood long gaze at myself in the mirror…….and there it was……gazing back at me!!!!!! Hello old friend…..I do not want to go into too much details,but I will say this…….I will need a bikini bottom………….a real one,not a marker…… flap has decreased by more than halve!!!!!! HAPPYDANCE!!!!!! So if you ever wondered,yes yes yes….the gelatin works!!!! I am still battling with arm flaps and such,but now I am taking baby steps……Happy Banting all… u guys!!!xxxxxxx



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