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Stevia VS Xylitol

I really got a scare after hearing of a lady whose dog died after it consumed some of the Xylitol cookies she baked!? I have a little pooch in my home and i wouldn’t want any food around that could potentially harm my little Chica! The thing with pets especially small lapdogs Chihuahuas, Yorkies such are always by your side. When i’m cooking my little mix is always looking for something that might fall on the floor while i’m cooking so to me it is very important that i use product that won’t harm her if consumed. But I    et a bit of an upset stomach but nothing serious.

Pros and Cons of Stevia

a Herb used as an artificial sweetener for food and drinks.
Stevia does not contain any calories and has no affect on your blood sugar levels when consumed making it safe for diabetics and your waistline!
If your pet was to consume a small amount of stevia it would get a bit of an upset stomach but nothing serious.

Some users experience a bitter sweet taste when using stevia kind of like Liquorice.
If you are on medication for diabetes or blood pressure you shouldn’t use stevia as you could develop hypotension or hypoglycemia.
Could cause cramps and bloating.

Pros and Cons of Xylitol:

Its better for your teeth, less cavities less bills!
Made from organic and is relatively renewable plus environmentally friendly.

*If your pet (dog) was to consume xylitol take them to the vet immediately!


imagesIt is toxic to dogs so dont leave anything out containing xylitol that your pets could eat or lick.
It contains some calories making it not so waistline friendly.
Can cause some to experience bloating and diarrhea.




What Sweeteners do you use and how do you feel about the the use of sweeteners?
Let me know in the comment section below.



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