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Start Banting NOW! The Beginners Guide to get Started.

To start banting you need to understand the basics as not to stall your weight loss process. So here is what you need to know to start:

  • Only eat from the green list, use the orange list for special occasions and stay as far away from the red list as possible!
  • Clean out your cupboards, fridge and pantry, remove all non Banting products.
  • Believe in yourself and set your banting goals. Print it out and stick it to your fridge.

There is no need to count carbs all the foods on the green list is safe to consume freely but the orange list should only be used once you’ve gotten a hold of the banting basics. Baby steps 🙂

*So pack your things get on the Banting wagon and try not to fall off halfway in! It can be a bumpy ride for the first week as your carb and sugar addiction will trying to fight back but be strong. Its smooth sailing after that, well apart from a little carb flu that is but you’ll get through that too..

So what is carb flu?

While your body is trying to adjust you’ll have mild flu like symptoms that we like to call carb flu. But don’t worry it doesn’t stick around for long and it only happens in the beginning of your journey and usually lasts for about a week. Just fight back stay hydrated and wait it out.

Know what you’ll be eating when banting

  1. You’ll be eating low-carb from now on so no starch and no sugar, all sugars are bad. Instead of using milk use cream as lactose can makes you lose weight slower.
  2. You will be eating loads of natural fats like animal fat, butter and coconut butter so if you find it on special buy it!
  3. You won’t be eating any starchy foods so instead stock your fridge with vegetables from the green list.
  4. Fruit Is not your friend at the moment unfortunately, they are very high in sugar (fructose) and should be treated like sweets instead. Look at the orange list for a variety of fruit that you’re allowed from time to time.
  5. You’ll need to stay under 50 g of carbohydrate a day to stay in ketosis. If you’re doing this for weight loss or any other reason you should ignore the items on the red list completely.


How do I count my carbs? I look at the amount of carbohydrates on the packaging of the product and look at the fiber. Always subtract the grams of fiber from the total carbohydrates. Since your body cannot digest fiber it does not count as carbs 🙂 But remember to look at sugar. Often found under the carbs and if that number is over 2g-3g per 100g avoid using it unless you will only be using a very small amount.

Portions and Hunger

I find that eating out of a small bowl or a plate not only helps with the dishes but helps me eat the right size portions, I don’t really eat a large plate of food anymore since eating high fat keeps you very full. During your first week banting you might feel hungry as your body is adjusting to less carbs. Before, carbohydrates is what made you feel full and also made you feel hungry an hour later. Eating high-fat will fill your tummy up for longer making you feel satisfied and not hungry. So make sure to cook with high fat products and keep your portions medium. Drink plenty of water, a glass in the morning, a glass with every meal and between.



Clean out your cupboards.

You want to get rid of any and all temptations like flour, potatoes ,cookies, chips and rusks anything that is not banting friendly. Don’t throw it away, rather donate it, give it to a soup kitchen or shelter. They can make good use of it 🙂 Take a good look at the food labels, look at carbs, sugar and the ingredients.

If you live with family members or friends that are not Banting, move some stuff around and clean out one cupboard space that you can use to store your Banting products.

Try stay away from products that have preservatives and try go for natural ecological products. Aim for free range and grass fed proteins.

Plan your meals

When you first start Banting you will feel like your meals are limited but make no mistake, there are loads of great low carb Banting friendly recipes! You can turn almost every recipe into a banting friendly one by swapping some ingredients. Remember to make sure a recipe is Banting friendly by running it through your green and orange lists plus checking the labels.

Get active

Walk! Walk! Walk! You don’t have to do hard exercise walking, swimming and other cardio exercises is a great way to burn off energy. Now that your body is fueled by fat the more energy you use the more fat you burn. If you don’t like hard exercise or don’t want to join the gym, try Yoga, Tae Bo and Zumba. These are all great exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home! Yoga is relaxing and help you focus mentally and physically , Zumba is great to get your heart rate up and if  you like Dancing or Tae Bo is great for energetic people! Even just moving every 45min, walk to the bathroom, up and down the stars or even around the house helps.

Willpower and self-control

There Will be a lot of temptations… they can pop up anywhere anytime and it’s up to you to be strong, see your goal in front of you and have the willpower to turn away. Before you cheat always ask yourself: Is this cheat worth the time, effort and money you have put into trying to lose weight? NO.

Always remind yourself in a good positive way why you are doing this, remind yourself that you want to be healthier, you want to live a long and healthy life and that is why you’re doing this, for yourself, for your own good.

Family and friends might not understand how important your banting journey is and they will tease you with temptations, but prove to them and yourself how strong you are and stay on the waggon. The longer you Bant the easier it will be for you to say NO to temptations.

Small tips to stop stumbles:

  • If you go out for dinner most places have food that you can eat or swap fries for salad. Remember that most restaurants use thinkers so if you are unsure ask.
  • If you are invited to dinner remind the host that you are on a diet and that you can bring your own meal.
  • Beer and most alcohol is not allowed as it can stall weight loss so rather enjoy a glass of dry wine on special occasions
  • If you are cooking for family that are not banting. Have some fatty snacks while you cook to help with the need to taste.
  • Don’t let other people discourage you. This is your life and body it’s your responsibility to keep it happy and  healthy.


*Remember before you try any diet especially if you have a medical condition to consult your doctor first.



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    • Please don’t post your email in comments other people can see it and you might start receiving spam mail from the Internet.🙂. Go to the home page and when the pop up appears or scroll down to the bottom of the website

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