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Planing to cheat on your low-carb diet? Here’s what you should know.

I will admit that I occasionally take a break from banting to fuel up on some of my favorite foods. And to be honest I always regret it, not only mentally but the physical experience is not pleasant at all! By occasionally I mean every 2-3 months or so I pick 2 days, usually on a weekend, and we (me and hubby) will get some sushi, enjoy a pasta or feast on some fruits we’ve been craving. So if you’re planning on cheating on your low carb diet there’s a few things you need to know.

You will no longer be in Ketosis

Since it takes a week to get back into ketosis you shouldn’t be cheating to often,  at least give it 2-3 months. Not only will it be super unhealthy but dangerous for you to be fueling up on sugar and carbs too often. Be save and try stick to good carbs.

Prepare for the thirst of your life!

Once you snap out of ketosis your body will turn into a sponge and absorb about 2-3 kg water, depending on your current size and weight. Remember your first week banting, that amazing 2-3 kg you lost was all water. Now your body wants it back! My lips crack my eyes  burn and I constantly need a drink. Make sure to drink plenty of water as dehydration is dangerous.

You turn into sleeping beauty! CARB CRASH

After a nice plate of carbs and sugar, you will get extremely sleepy. You just want to take a nice long nap and you don’t care where you are, I fell asleep while doing yoga… This Is known as a Carb Crash and once you wake up from your slumber you’ll be craving even more carbs! Once you get back on the wagon you will have cravings for at least a week before feeling like your good old banting self!!


After my first cheat when I started low carbing/Banting, I was so bloated I felt like I had a soccer ball in my stomach! And the cramps that came with it was excruciating! Just that alone keeps me on the wagon and it is possibly the best thing apart from losing weight is that I have absolutely no bloating while banting. During your cheating days you can  expect to experience cramps and diarrhea.


So my overall advice would be, if you are planning a cheat day, make sure that you don’t go overboard.

  • Only cheat every 2-3 months or you will not see any weight loss results.
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Plan the amount of days you are going to cheat for, preferable just a weekend so max 3 days.
  • It will feel like you can eat the world. You wont. You will actually eat less than you did before you started banting!
  • Don’t eat everything on sight, chances are once you remove the resection, that large chocolate you were craving before might change into a chocolate chip muffin instead.
  • DON’T buy any unnecessary sweets and chips to “eat later” at the last-minute. Buy your limited amount of snack on day one and enjoy them throughout your cheat day/weekend. I find that when we buy stuff at the last-minute that we never finish it and as a result take an extra day to cheat as not to waste the open snacks and fruit that was left.

I am in no way encouraging anyone to cheat but we are al human and some days you just want to eat something you shouldn’t! Remember stay strong and eat your fats! They will keep you fuller for longer, help you lose weight and stop any bad cravings you might get.



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