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Mental Health and Weight Gain

It might not seem like it but your mental health plays a big role in your weight and what you eat. For some of us finding ourselves in a stressful situation or being depressed equals  junk food and snacks. And before we know it carbs and sugar not only consumed us but put us in a need a darker place. My experience:

As someone who has been suffering from body dysmorphic disorder since my early teenage year, I can say that Banting has improved the way I look at myself. My depression started at a very young age and in my early teenage years I started suffering from BDD. I was constantly measuring my thighs and hip line, I preferred wearing loose-fitting clothing and I did not like standing out in a crowd, so I hid myself by wearing dark colors. I hated my appearance and the way I looked in the mirror I always felt overweight. When I was 16 I weighed 45 kg and I was very skinny. I can remember that during that time I felt fat and overweight and just extremely disgusted by what I look looked like. Dressing rooms were and still are my worst nightmare, I always seem to look fatter in those mirrors!

At 21 years old I moved to Sweden with my husband and it was during the stressful time that my depression caused me to comfort eat. After a couple months I could no longer fit in my jeans, shirts or any of my clothes for that matter. Every time I look in the mirror all I felt was disgusted at how I let myself go. The way I felt about myself affected my marriage in a huge way, I didn’t want my husband to touch me because I didn’t want him to feel disgusted. I was unhappy and we were  constantly arguing.

I could not stop myself eating I had no self-control and I had no self-esteem. Food was my happy place, I felt good eating and whenever I felt sad… I went to my happy place. The fridge.

In 2014 at 73kg, I decided that I needed to take better care of myself and my marriage, I needed to take my life back! So I started Banting. After falling of the wagon a couple of times and then losing my first 6 kg Banting I noticed that not only was my physical health improving but my mental health as well. I felt good for the first time, in a long time. I think that my achievement showed me the light at the end on the tunnel.

On days where I would rather stay at home and sit on the couch I now take my dog for long walks in the park to clear my mind and enjoy the fresh air. I don’t feel as tired as I use to, I smile more and I am beginning to be more positive. I have more self-control, and a better self-esteem.

Taking it one day at a time, whenever I feel like cheating I remind myself how far I’ve come and how good I feel and how it would affect me if I decided to fall off the wagon. Cheating is not an option or a reward because once you get started it’s extremely hard to stop.
I do not set any limits for myself, and whenever a temptation arises I face it by reminding myself of all the hard work that will go to waste if I give in.

This is the best thing I could have ever done for myself fighting back against my depression and at the same time living a healthier life. My biggest lesson was Learning to love myself so that I can take better care of myself.

Before trying to change yourself learn to love yourself because you cannot care for something that you hate.



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