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Make vegetable spaghetti without a julienne peeler and other contraptions!

I’ve always wanted to make the veggie spaghetti meals but I didn’t have a vegetable spaghetti contraption! I was super disappointed after buying a vegetable spaghetti “thingy” (there are many) as it was constantly getting jammed and didn’t make my vegetables look like spaghetti at all! Heart broken and money wasted I decided to try something.. I wasn’t going to waste anymore money by buying a different brand (I bought the as seen on TV version) So instead I tried to do it by hand. AND IT WORKED! Don’t waste your money on vegetable spaghetti peelers, when you can easily do it with a normal peeler with no fuss!

Here’s how:

Before you can get started You will need:

  • a Sharp knife
  • Your vegetable,  preferably a long vegetable. Carrots, Zucchini, Cucumber…
  • and a normal sharp kitchen vegetable peeler







2015-05-01-15.11.48Start by cutting your vegetable in long thin strips all the way through but leave a small space about 2 cm from between the top of the veg and where you start cutting (see the picture).  The best way to describe it is to cut fingers so your veg doesn’t fall apart. Leave a good space between your cuts.2015-05-01-15.13.00







Once that’s done peel vegetable in the same direction you made your cuts. As you can see you’ll end up with beautiful long spaghetti looking vegetable just the right size ready to be cooked or enjoyed raw!



I made a delicious Chicken stir-fry with this zucchini and carrot mix veg.

Fast and Easy without spending money on something that just might not work the way you expected it to 🙂



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