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Lynda Creely’s Story: LCHF it works!

Lynda has tried a lot of things before she decided to give Banting a try. In fact she has tried most of the “famous” diet products & programs available. Lynda decided to start her 2015 with a change she took on the Low Carb High Fat lifestyle and is happily celebrating her 3rd Month!

I’ve been overweight since the age of 5 and have never found anything that either works or continues to work, I try everything that’s going, the one thing I don’t do is give up. I am now 42, I have tried practically everything from all the potions and pills like Duromine, Xenical, Garcinia Cambogia, Coffee Beans, Reductil etc.. to Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Lite & Easy, Tony Ferguson, Biggest Loser, Fat Blaster, Atkins, Dukan, Isagenix and Cohens. I’ve had my hair tested for toxins, acupuncture, hypnosis and lap banding, none of these worked, some worked for a while but never continued, Cohen’s was the best but after a year and 19 kg lost it started reversing, even though I was still eating the same foods to lose in the first place.

As a child/teen early adult I10404444_10152985032124737_7632744756529460808_n-1 played a lot of sport and frequented the gym. I’m a single working mum who is always on the go. I have an Autoimmune problem that attacks my kidneys now and then so drinking water has been a huge part of my life so have no problems with water intake. I have PCOS and IR. Insulin Resistance is the hardest to get around. Over the years I have changed my diet and the way I eat so much to accommodate lifestyle, trends, fads etc… I give everything ago. Like most people it was drummed into me from an early age that fat makes you fat. Over the past year I have been wheat and sugar-free, though I did have spelt occasionally.

Then in Nov 2014 I started on Isagenix which uses protein shakes and other stuff and even though I felt energised and healthy I didn’t lose much halfway through my second month I found LCHF site and thought wow FAT .. really??? Oh well I will give it a go,I decided 01st Jan would be my start date even though I was putting the techniques and shopping into place before that. Doctors, Dietitians and PT’s have all said to me that they can’t help me. Anyway I am now on this WOE and OMG BAAACCCCOOONNN how I love thee. Though I must admit I am not used to eating so much Cream, Double Cream, Cream Cheese, Sour Cream etc…. I was never a dessert person so that’s been the hardest to (pardon the pun) … stomach. So here’s a BIG hello to LCHF WOE and hopefully good riddance to this excess weight I have.

Hi All, well today is my 3 month anniversary being on this WOE and as promised in my first post. I am here to let you know how I have travelled. Although I am not doing as well as others but I knew I would be slower because that’s just me but the point is I have lost. I have lost 7.3kg and 25 cm (4 cm off my chest & diaphragm, 8 cm off my waist, 5 cm off my abdomen, 4cm of my bum and 1cm of my upper thigh) feeling great that I in fact lost weight as it always has been a problem for me. slow but steady .. like I’ve said before I’m a turtle..

Thankyou to everyone that have had input from food to eat, vitamins to take, food NOT to eat, recipes and general pick me up, most of you have been an inspiration, a special thanks to Telaine and Derek. Your questions: Been trying to lose weight all my life, weight loss has been very hard for me, doesn’t matter what I do. When I started on the 01 Jan 2015 I was 97.2kg and at a height of 5’2” I’m a big girl. I have to date lost 10kg in 3.5 months What’s it been like? Physically: Absolutely fantastic. The main thing I noticed was the all day energy, there were no highs and lows in my energy or hunger, I was energised and satisfied all day. My skin looks good, my hair shiny and healthy and the weight loss is a bonus. Food: Food has been okay preparation wise, I noticed cost was a problem to start with but it’s not too bad now, but being prepared has been difficult as I am a single mum who works so cooking has troublesome sometimes. Because all the food is whole food not packaged you need to prepare it from scratch and someday’s it’s hard to get in the kitchen.

11045407_10152985030634737_1766013184808381000_oMy first goal is 75kg so I have 12.2kg to go, I haven’t set a date just a weight. I do hope I am still losing, I do know plateaus happen but will continue till it starts again. I have noticed most days I only eat twice and sometimes not when everyone else eats. I eat when I am hungry no matter what time of day it is. My usual suspects in my meals: Not every day not every meal Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Tomato, Haloumi, Spinach Very rarely have lunch but if I do it’s usually leftover from dinner the night before and only if I don’t eat breakfast. Dinner: Example tonight’s meal: Chicken Carbonara; Coconut oil, bacon pieces, garlic, salt & pepper, onion flakes, chicken Cream, sour cream, double cream, cream cheese to make sauce I’ve made fat bombs for days I need to increase fats without making a meal, I’ve tried some desserts but not being a big dessert person haven’t tried many. I’ve made my own bread (Oopsies) and seed crackers. But it is as I said hard to get into the kitchen, I’ve never been a cook but to get the time and to have the ingredients at the same time is also a problem so I make do with what I have and it seems to be going well.


Good luck on your journey Lynda and we hope to see more, or “less” 😉 of you soon. Keep us updated on your progress 🙂



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