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Hi im Susan and i’m a Banter.

Hi, my name is Susan and I am a chocoholic, a potatoholic, a carboholic, a sugar addict and above all a total foodaholic and that is mainly the reason why a diet where food is reduced, would never ever have worked for me. When I am happy, I eat…When I am sad, I eat, when I am bored, I eat…. I eat, therefore I am…get the picture??? Banting changed my whole perception on food. Never would I ever have thought, that I could eat until I am full and still lose weight. Not only eat salads, but fats, biltong, nuts, bacon….It just seems so unreal, but somehow the food fairies are smiling upon me, because low and behold, it actually works!!!! From the moment that we could understand, we were taught that fats were bad fats made you…well, FAT…. I finally realised that it was all propaganda….lies imprinted on us by the food industries for the sake of making millions and millions of dollars….

It finally dawned on me when Prof Tim Noakes was attacked by numerous health professionals and dietitians and ordered before the health council…why go through all that effort? Smoking causes all kinds of diseases and so does drinking….the same with obesity, but that all seems to escape the health council….what made Banting so completely different?? My personal opinion? Banting would not have grabbed the attention of the health council if it did not threaten some bigwigs and influential companies’ profit margin…the proof is everywhere!!! My medical aid loves me, because I never get sick, but my doctor hates me for that same reason. Money talks, sadly…always have and always will….. Luckily I was born a rebel and when someone tells me I can’t or am not allowed to, that switches on my ‘I will show you I can and I will’ switch….. Granted, Banting maybe does not work for everyone, but it worked for me and I will stick to it…For Pete’s sake, because of Banting I can tie my own shoes again!!!!! I always say: To each his own…wish the bigwigs could do the same.



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