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Hennie’s Story: Celebrating his Banting Birthday 65kg lighter!!

Hennie shares his amazing story after losing 65.2kg! After Hennie discovered his actual weight in 2013 he was shocked that he was almost hitting the 200 mark and when a friend suggested Banting Hennie’s life took a turn for the better… Heres Hennie’s story.

Good day to all the banting people out there. Today is one special day for me as it is my banting birthday. This is also the first time I reveal my before and after pictures. In the last week of January 2014 a dear friend told me to look into the LCHF lifestyle with an open mind. I was blown away as everything I thought was correct was according to this lifestyle incorrect because for two weeks I was reading up on this lifestyle and watched lots of videos from all over the world. At that time I was around 189.8 kg and I know that because I took my Golden Retrievers in December 2013 to my vet for their vaccinations and because all the scales in my household moaned and groaned the moment I stood on them and reply with an ERR message I took the opportunity and jump on his big scale and nearly died on the spot with a heart attack. I saw myself as a slob at that stage because I would sit for sometimes 15 minutes and wait right in front of the Shopping centres entrance and wait for someone to pull out so that I don’t need to walk too far. I could not play with my children because when I go down on the floor or grass in the garden I could not stand up by myself and needed to crawl to the nearest object that is higher that myself so that I could get myself up from the ground. I felt miserable and tired all the time.

I was a type 2 diabetic and was on 1000 mg Glucophage twice a day and my daily sugar reading was on average 16 mmol/L. I was on 50mg blood pressure tablets twice a day as well.
Now you need to remember for twenty-two years I was trying to get my weight under control by trying several diets and it cost me over R80 000 (ZAR) during this time in joining fees and empty promises. I was always starving and feel weak but eureka it worked… for at least the first 3 weeks and then I got so frustrated and seek comfort in Mcdonald’s, Steers, KFC, Pizza Perfect…. Est. and before you know I am 5kg heavier than the day, I started getting sicker by the day.

So I bought my red book and then decided to start Banting. I told my wife and she agreed to support me all the way. I decided to go cold turkey and this morning when I look down on my scale and the reading say 124.6 kg I burst out in tears as I was last this weight in my early 20’s. Yes friends…. I lost 65.2kg. It is tears of joy because the lifestyle has changed me completely. I received a second chance on life and I thank God for the courage He gave me to succeed in my quest.

The best part of all is the activities I can do together with my children. We started ice skating lessons in February this year and every Saturday morning me and my two oldest daughters jump exited in my car and point its nose to North Gate shopping centre where we skate together. I am the oldest man in the class but who cares because the girls light-up faces when dad go around and around with them is priceless. For the first time in over 15 years I can jump on my bicycle and ride around the block with my girls. I now park my car where I get a spot and it is myself and my youngest daughter’s race time when we get leave through the shopping centres entrance to see who is first at my car. The laughter and screams from her little voice is music in my ears as we ran towards my car, and by the way she always win.

This lifestyle saved my life and I today overwhelmed with emotions because I thought at a stage in my life that it is not possible to lose weight when you reach the stage that I was in. Banting was the easiest “diet” that I followed in my entire life to date. I am off all the chronic medication as my blood pressure and sugar levels are now 100% normal. I still have 25 – 30 kg so watch this space.

I will recommend this to anyone…….

Thank you Hennie for being a great inspiration to us. We would like to wish Hennie and his family all the best on his amazing healthy adventure! 



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