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Help! Cravings! 10 ways to Kick those Cravings.

As much as I love this beautiful mind of mine I wish that it would stop trying to get me in trouble. Cravings, cravings, cravings! I have never had a sweet tooth, not for chocolate and not for sugary sweets but when I start Banting, all I could think about was Sugar! But I quickly learned how to manage these cravings. Cravings do pass after a while so Here on my 10 top tips to kick your cravings.

It’s all in your head

One of the things you need to remember is that it’s all in your head! And the minute you start thinking about it you will tell yourself so many lies just to cheat just to act out on that one single craving.

  • “I deserve this!”
  • “It’s my reward!”
  • “It’s just one cookie how much harm will it do” (suddenly gets possessed by cookie monster and eats the packet)
  • “I’ll be back on track tomorrow like nothing happened”

Never reward yourself with food that is one of the worst habits you could ever teach yourself, and will you really be back on your diet again tomorrow? NO you’ll be too busy eating 10 other things that you were not supposed to be eating.
Have self-control and be strict with yourself reminder yourself why you’re Banting. Make a list of your goals and stick it to the fridge and anywhere else you can constantly be reminded of what you were trying to achieve. It goals need to be realistic and darn right I do you stuff about yourself, negativity = depression, positivity = success.

Beauty sleep

It’s important that you make sure that you get enough sleep. Your brain needs rest and if it doesn’t get enough rest it sometimes mistakes being tired for being hungry. It is also the fact that when you are over-tired you sometimes crave. Make sure you get plenty of rest and go to bed early to avoid cravings.


Make sure you are eating enough, there is never a reason to starve yourself. If your body is genuinely hungry you need to eat. So make sure to keep track of your meals and eat at least two meals a day and drink plenty of water. If you’re eating little to no protein eat a bit more green vegetables.

Stay occupied, fiscally and mentally.

If are an emotional eater like me, try to keep yourself calm and stress-free. Stay occupied or you might feel the need to eat! Listening to music, exercise, Reading a book or take a walk! Stay occupied and you might save yourself from the crave monster!

Drink more liquids!

If I feel full, I crave less. Tea with coconut milk and oil, bulletproof coffee and just a nice ice-cold glass of lemon water always seems to help me kick most of those cravings.

Steer clear

Try and stay away from foods that you might find hard to ignore. For the first three months it can be extremely hard for you to not act on your food cravings. So my advice to you is steer clear don’t walk down the bread aisle or the sweet aisle when you’re going shopping.

Dear diary…

Keep a food diary this will help your brain realize how much you were actually eating. Keep a special section open after every day in your diary where you write what you were craving that day, also write what you were feeling at that moment, maybe you were upset about something or just received some great news. At the end of the month review your cravings and figure out a way to work around them. This is a great way to see that you’re eating enough as well as figure out with your emotional eater

Treat yourself to some me time!

A lot of us are way too busy worrying about everything and everybody else but we don’t take time for ourselves.
Go meet a good friend for coffee.
Going to enjoy a nice massage or facial.
Enjoy a good book or a magazine something you can lose track of time in.
Buy some lovely bath salts or oils and enjoy a lovely bubble bath with candlelight and your favorite music.
Go for relaxing walk on the beach, local park, forest or even a hike in the mountains!

Imagine your success!

I like to close my eyes and see myself at my goal, see how excited and happy i am confident with what i am wearing, Looking Sexy! Stay focused on your goal and before you know it your craving will be something of the past!


Exercise is great over all while Banting:

  • Burns fat
  • Stops Cravings
  • Helps you shape your body
  • Improves your mood
  • Relaxing for better rest
  • Helps build self-esteem
  • Builds will power, etc.

You can join the gym, gym at home, go for a run or a walk, swimming… There are loads of active things you can do that counts as exercise even running around with your kids is a great way to bond with your family and shape up!

I hope that these tips will help you stay on track and keep you on the wagon. Know of some more ways to keep those cravings under control, then let me know in the comments below!



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