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Getting rid of stubborn Fat on a Low Carb Diet

You have started your new low carb diet, your losing weight and all of a sudden your scale stops moving… You haven’t cheated and you’ve been following your diet and workouts to the T. so Why aren’t you losing weight?? Stubborn fat or water retention!? Thing is it’s both!! Jip you read that right it’s both! This is very common in woman as we tend to retain water easier than men do to hormonal factors. You know that feeling the first week into your diet and you are craving everything you shouldn’t? Well that’s what your fat cells are feeling. Your fat cells starts emptying as they are losing fat and as trying to stop itself from being consumed for energy it fills with water! Leaving you frustrated and confused because you are not losing any weight! It is very common in low carb diets because of the drastic weight loss.

So how do you get rid of “Stubborn fat” and why is it taking so long? There are 3 ways to get rid of Stubborn fat when you are low carbing. If you are banting because of a medical condition like type 2 diabetes , than you shouldn’t  be doing any of these. Stick to eating clean.

Refeed aka Cheating:
Now I know a lot of you will say that refeeding is one of the worst things that you can do as a Banter but it can be very effective if done correctly. I like my refeed day but i’ve discovered that i do it a lot less now…Just can’t stand the bloating and cramping…. Don’t go overboard, if you are someone who struggles with self control then just keep walking! If you are a beginner Banter don’t use this as an excuse to eat whatever you want, most people only hit this wall once they have lost a lot of weight or are only have a few kg to lose. Refeed  should only be done for 1-2 days and keep in mind you will not enjoy it, see Cheating.

The trick is to up your carb intake, i have some pasta, pizza or sushi some of my favourite foods! This will shock your system and will help you get rid of the unneeded water in your fat cells. Remember when refeeding to still eat good home cooked food. Fast Foods are disgusting and who knows what’s in there!! You will go out of ketosis and it will take a week to get back in but you should notice a drop on the scale once you get back in.

Hop in a nice warm bubble bath with a glass of wine and relax! Consuming Alcohol dehydrates the sells and rids them of their water so don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning after a night out and you’re a kg lighter. But alcohol has a lot of empty calories. Empty calorie have no nutritional value so when you consume alcohol your body renders it useless and wants to get rid of it making you go to the loo a lot! If you combine alcohol with your diet it will slow your weight loss but only until your body rids itself of all the alcohol in your bloodstream taking all the water you are retaining with it. If you don’t drink this is no reason to start try one of the other options.

1 pint – 500 ml beer has the same calories as one sugar doughnut.

Exercising is a great way to burn extra calories and it will help you break that stubborn fat barrier!Join the Gym or Go for long walks more often, you can also do some at home exercise, Yoga, Tae Bo, Zumba etc. Getting active early in your Banting journey is a big Plus!

Wait it out:
Your Fat cells will eventually drop the water and you will lose the weight. This can take 4-5 months, a slow process to success. But a better option for those who look at low carbing as a way of life and not a diet.

* I prefer refeeding once every 2-3 month for one day but i’ve started doing it a lot less. I also take a hour walk in the park once a day. Banting has really helped me lose weight and transform myself. Eating clean is one of the most important things you can do for your health but refeeding on natural high carbs like grains, potatoes and veg once a month can do wonders for shedding those stubborn fat cells fast.



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