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Change that mindset and attitude to be set for banting succes!

The very first thing you notice when you go on Banting pages or speak to people about Banting is how a lot of them complain about how hard Banting is…..How hard it is to cut out sugar, sweets, bread and bla bla bla…..Do you have any idea what is hard? Getting out of bed in the morning weighing in excess of 140kg…..that is hard….having to roll over on your stomach first and mover over the edge of the bed so that your feet can touch the ground, so you can balance yourself in order to stand up…..that is hard. Walking to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for your family because even though you are grossly overweight and your ankles hurt like hell, you are still a mother and wife…..that is hard….having to look your housekeeper in the eyes who constantly tongue clicks at you, because you are not employed, but need a housekeeper with everyday tasks while you sit in front of the TV with your bags of snacks watching movies and just being depressed…..that is hard. Seeing the look on your children’s faces because it is their concert at school and you just don’t have the energy to go and watch and knowing your children would be teased because their mom sits on two chairs, that is hard……Crying in the shower, because you are so embarrassed at hubby having to wash you because you can no longer reach….that is hard….. Faking yet another headache (like you have been doing for each and every night for the past 6 months) even though your whole body aches for your husband but you do not want him touching all that fat……that is hard……Walking in the shops while adults and children alike, stop, stare and point fingers and whisper…..that is hard……….Crying yourself to sleep every night because you feel you just CAN NOT GO ON ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deciding that enough was enough and that hubby and the kids deserved better……not completely easy, but not hard either…. Preparing myself mentally for the road ahead….bearable…… Sharing with people that were in the same boat as me……embarrassing, but got easier as we went along…… Persevering when every fibre in your body screams for that cupcake or slice of pizza…O.K., I will admit that is darn hard, but every time I looked into my children’s eyes, I realised it was so worth it……..body getting used to the Banting way of eating after a few months(no cheating)….easy…… Seeing a difference at every measuring and weighing appointment…..fabulous!!!! Seeing the appreciation in hubby’s eyes every time you drop a pants size….indescribably wonderful!!!!!! Being able to tie your own shoes again and touch your toes…..exhilarating…Being able to fit into your bath again……ohhh my gosh!!!!! Being able to live as husband and wife again….pretty damn good……. Some of you will say yes, it’s easy to talk but remember, I have been doing this journey for a year and a half….you would have to travel far to find somebody more unhealthy than me….I also thought that Banting was soooooooo hard in the beginning, but I stand corrected….I was living a very hard life before Banting……as months went on, things became easier…… If you are satisfied with your life and yourself, hats off to you…….but…if you are not, please stop making excuses…….stop giving food power over your life push through….the longer you persevere, the easier it becomes and the more wonderful you feel……stop being a prisoner in your body……stop telling yourself that you can’t, it is hard, because I know and you know that it is not…..Make your life easier….you owe it to yourself



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