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Bernice’s amazing transformation after losing 30+kg

My journey as a banter started 10 Feb 2014. My youngest child was 1 and I couldn’t handle being so overweight and the extra stress it added to my life.

I joined a 12 week challenge and decided to follow LCHF diet. In that 12 weeks I lost 15.6kg’s by sticking to the green list, NO alcohol and LOTS of exercise. After that I continued and by the end of Nov 2014 I was 30 kg’s down. Since then I have lost a little more but mostly maintained my weight by staying committed and knowing my body and knowing when I need to get myself back on track if I have too many orange list items. It’s an ongoing process but the feeling of achievement is so good that you will never look back.

A normal day for me will start with a BIG healthy breakfast with loads of good fats so I know I will stay full till dinner time. Snacking threw me off so I prefer to rather eat earlier than snack and eat dinner later.

If you are a beginner and need to lose a lot of weight go all in and commit yourself for at least 3 months with NO nuts, NO dairy, NO fruit and most of all NO Alcohol. Once you’ve taken it out of your diet completely your portions are much more controlled when you add these back to your diet.

Be strong, stay strong and remember initially they’ll ask “WHY are you doing it?” But soon they’ll ask “HOW did you do it?”



Enjoy it. It’s a fantastic lifestyle once you’re in it!



A big well done to Bernice for losing and maintaining her weight loss! We hope that she has inspired you to get on the banting wagon. Happy Banting!!



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